3 thoughts on “粗稚平等誤人生

  1. Prof Sum, How are you ? I am always your admirer. Please allow me to type in English it is just easier for me. Don’t get me wrong I love our Chinese culture than most people. Could you please expand a little bit more of your poem above ? Is that your belief ? Many thanks Alan

  2. We all never speak foul words.
    Speaking foul words will damage the core value of Chinese .
    Lam still say what “ 捍衞核心價值 "
    She should shame for that !
    I am one of you listener at RTHK radio program.
    Would you please protect the core value by
    state you opinion on the case?

    鸚鵡能言,不離飛鳥;猩猩能言,不離禽獸。今人而無禮,雖能言,不亦禽獸之心乎?夫唯禽獸無禮,故父子聚麀。是故聖人作,為禮以教人。使人以有禮,知自別於禽獸。~ Johnny


    「我不會害怕!因為我相信香港人的眼睛是雪亮的」。小學教師林慧思連日遭左派抹黑,她昨日在《明報》以〈風雨中同路〉為題撰文,形容自己上了一堂寶貴的生 命教育課,學會勇於表達意見時,要同時冷靜處理突發事件。她公開向學生表示,自己並不孤單,呼籲學生不要擔心,未來再遇同類事件,會與同路人商量對策,共 同捍衞核心價值。

    Yours’ sincerely ,

    Cheung Yee Hong


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